Urs Hunger, certified snow sports instructor

I was born in the Prättigau on the 5th of May 1963. I am certified snow sports instructor BBT and survey engineer ETH by profession.

As you can see below I started skiing at a young age and first put on my skis aged 2½. It was the start of a lifetime fascination and joy of skiing and snow. As a young boy I accompanied my father on ski tours in our region.

During my studies at university I began to teach skiing. I found it very satisfying to share my love of skiing and of nature with my clients and have continued to explore the diverse and extensive region of Klosters - Davos with ski groups over many years.

In summer my hobbies are rock climbing and mountain biking.

Skilehrer Urs Hunger - 10-04-2016 Ski instructor Urs Hunger - 2 ½ jährig - age ½